CTA Project

Cherenkov Telescope Array (abbreviated CTA) is an international project with a goal to construct ground-based astronomical observatories, designed to detect high-energy gamma rays using atmospheric blue-flash (Cherenkov light) imaging techniques. Two observatories are planned, one in each hemisphere of the Earth, and each will include several dozens of synchronized large optical telescopes. The blue light flashes recorded by them will allow to gather information about gamma-ray energies ranging from 20 GeV to over 300 TeV.

Construction of observatories is planned in the years 2014-2020. Currently (end of 2017), the CTA project is at testing stage of telescope prototypes.

The CTA Consortium includes 1,420 members from 210 institutions in 32 countries. This group of institutions is currently responsible for directing the science goals of the observatory and is involved in the array design and supplying components (as in-kind contributions). Its internal authority, the Consortium Board, includes representatives from each of the Consortium institutes and is responsible for endorsing all major Consortium decisions.

 The Speakers and Publications Office (SAPO), which is responsible for reviewing all CTA publications and contributions to conferences (i.e. abstracts, talks and proceedings), also falls under this group.

The current list of member institutions and countries is listed on the CTA Consortium webpage.