CTA colleagues in Ukraine

Dear CTA Colleagues,

We are following with grave concern the difficult situation in Ukraine, the suffering of the Ukrainian people and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, in a way that seemed inconceivable just a few months ago.

Many of you inquired about our CTA colleagues from Ukraine and offered help. We remain in contact with our colleagues, and they assured us that so far, they and their families are relatively safe and that they have no intention to leave Ukraine. A number of institutions are prepared to host scientists from Ukraine, and our colleagues already have offers from Poland and Switzerland. We will keep you informed and will transmit any specific wishes for help. We welcome to receive information that people might have about any efforts to aid the Ukrainian scientists – both within CTA and in general.

Beyond the direct CTA context, we trust that you will contribute – in whatever way you consider appropriate – towards easing the humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine. CTAO plans to post a statement of support on its web pages.

Let’s not give up hope that freedom and reason will prevail!

Vitor de Souza
Rene Ong
Werner Hofmann